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Post Incorporation

Once your company has gone through the formation process, it exists and its internal affairs are then governed by the Delaware corporate laws. But this doesn’t mean business set-up is truly over. This process involves certain additional steps, namely drafting a number of legal documents neccessary for your business to be ready to operate and take on investment.

Why do you need this

These documents are mainly;
• Bylaws
• Unanimous written consent in lieu of the first meeting of the board of directors
• Founders stock purchase agreements
• IP assignment agreements
• Indemnification agreements for directors
• Written consents of stockholders
• Stock certificates for founder’s shares

Although there is no deadline to complete these documents, it is generally recommended to be completed promptly after the incorporation. For instance, if the post-incorporation is not done, there will be no directors or officers to act or sign on behalf of the company, therefore presenting problems for the contracts, bank account processes. Or without post-incorporation, the intellectual property created by founders will not be owned by the company. Since intellectual property is an essential element of the company`s valuation, it is important to ensure the intellectual property is assigned to the company as soon as possible.

Features of Post Incorporation

Set-up your Business
Incorporation is only the first step! Make sure the business setup is properly completed
Issue stock, and truly own your company!
Be Compliant
Ensure your company be compliant according to the Delaware law

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