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Great for small businesses and entrepreneurs with its flexibility and tax benefits.



Complex structure to raise capital through stocks, offering liability protection.


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Comparing company types

Main differences
LLCs can’t go publicLess management flexibility; must have a board of directors
Not recognized globally; you may be taxed as a corporation outside U.S.More admin; strict rules about holding meetings and keeping records
Protections & TaxationLLCC-Corp
Protects personal assetsYesYes
Offer pass-through taxationYesNo
sr-onlyThis avoids the double taxation that occurs in some other business structuresDouble taxation — corporate and shareholder taxes.
Single member or multiple membersShareholders (individuals, other corporations, or entities)
Management structure
Flexible management structureBoard of directors, annual meetings, record keeping are required
Can issue a stock No Yes
sr-onlyInvestors may not be interested in investing Preferred by investors

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