How A Delaware Registered Agent Can Help Your Business

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Starting a business in the First State? If so, you’re going to need to hire a Delaware registered agent. Here are some of the many ways you can benefit:

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Smart business owners know they can’t do everything on their own. Sure, they have to master a lot of different skills as entrepreneurs. However, they also understand that hiring professional help when appropriate saves time and avoids costly mistakes. For example, the most successful businesses in the First State work with professional Delaware registered agents.

First and foremost, registered agents are a basic legal requirement in the state. As the Delaware Division of Corporations tells us:

“A legal entity incorporated, formed or registered in the State of Delaware must be represented by a registered agent.”

Although it is possible to list yourself as your business’ own registered agent, there are valid reasons why you shouldn’t. 

What exactly is a registered agent

Well before proceeding further, let us first define what a Delaware registered agent actually is.

Also known as resident agent or statutory agent, a registered agent is an individual or a third party provider appointed to represent your business. As such, the person or company receives the following on your behalf:

  • Correspondence from the Secretary of State
  • Service of Process and other legal documents
  • State and federal notifications
  • Tax notices, permits, reports, and others

So why do you need to hire one and how can your business benefit from their service? Read on and we’ll tell you more about it.  

The advantages of hiring a Delaware registered agent

If you’re still having second thoughts about hiring a professional service, you may want to consider the following advantages:

You establish a physical presence in Delaware

When you hire a registered agent in Delaware, you can count on having a reliable legal address in the state. Your agent will use their address for your business listings. This is important since compliance requirements, for instance, need immediate action on your end. 

If you’re always running between client meetings, seminars, and other commitments, you want to have someone receive your documents while you’re away. Agents are always available during regular business hours. 

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You get to add an extra layer of privacy 

If you’re operating a home-based business, being your own registered agent requires you to list your home address in your business filings. This also means that your contact details will be a matter of public record. 

As you can imagine, this could be a problem since anyone will be able see your information and use it for their own purposes. For example, marketers can send you a barrage of junk mail – which can be extremely annoying. Even more of concern, anyone can simply show up on your doorstep uninvited. That means anyone from unhappy customers to disgruntled former contractors.

With a registered agent, your privacy is protected. Your Delaware registered agent will regularly sort through your mail, get rid of junkmail, and notify you about essential correspondence.     

You won’t have to worry about law enforcers visiting your home or office

If someone sues your business, officers of the law will personally visit you to deliver the Service of Process (SOP) document. Now imagine how you would feel if clients or staff members are in your office at the time.

You can avoid this uncomfortable situation with the help of a dedicated Delaware resident agent. They will receive lawsuit documents on your behalf, inform you right away, and forward you the papers asap. As a result, you can respond to the lawsuit in a timely fashion. 

You will always stay legally compliant

In addition to receiving incoming mail and documents for you, a registered agent can also provide assistance in handling necessary paperwork. They collect and file your documents with the state to ensure that compliance deadlines are met. 

Simply put, you have a trusted person to conduct official business with the state. You can be sure about being legally compliant at all times. Your business will remain in good standing and you will be able to avoid hefty penalties.  

How to look for a competent registered agent

As you can tell by now, a Delaware registered agent service is the way to go. If you’re a busy business owner who wants to focus on growing your company, you’ll definitely benefit from tapping these experts.

For the most part, what’s especially crucial here is that you find a provider that can guarantee you with excellent service. Look up the official websites of registered companies so you can compare their prices and features. Take note that some companies charge a one-time fee while others require payment depending on the services you’ll need. So read the terms and conditions to make sure that you understand everything before signing up. 

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The bottom line here, of course, is that you want to get your money’s worth. So do your best to find a dependable, no-hassle service that will not cost you a fortune. Invest time in researching your choices. Send them messages including inquiries or call them up to gather more information. That way, you can make an informed decision and get the help that your business deserves.

Final thoughts

With its tax benefits and corporate-friendly laws, Delaware is definitely a great place to build a business. And with the right registered agent, you’ll be able to do business with confidence.

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