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Virtual Phone Number

For all of your business phone call needs - instead of having multiple phone systems where messages can be forgotten and misplaced, our Phonecall Forwarding Service directs all of your calls to one place, to keep your communications aligned and centralized.

Access Your Office Communications System Online


We help you keep professionalism and personalism at the forefront of your business without the stress of worrying about missed calls or delayed relay of messages. We keep everything in one place for you where you, and your team members have easy access to all the communication coming in for your business.

Features Of A Virtual Phone Number

USA Number
Keep your business communication professional - have a USA phone number with the ability to select your area code.
Simple Set Up
No requirements necessary, juat reach out and fill out a simple form with your details to get your professional,virtual phone number set up.
Stay Updated
We forward your calls to any phone number you want. So that you can gain access to your business phone messages - and voicemails, from anywhere, anytime, in an efficient manner.

Virtual Phone Number

We help all businesses. No matter your business size or industry, nor where you
may be on your business journey, we’re here to help you.

Dedicated Phone Number

$ 49,99/month

What's included

Dedicated Phone Number

$ 500/yearly

What's included

Exclusive Solutions

What other business help do you need?

We cater to you, for any request. From startups to medium / large corporations, we have different business service bundle solutions that cover everything you could possibly need on your business journey.

We offer comprehensive services from business formation, post incorporation, compliance, regulatory filings, virtual mailbox and business addresses to bookkeeping, tax filings and more.


Here at Registate, we make everything easy. We have a simple form for you to fill out and then within just a few clicks you’ll be ready to get started with your live receptionist or phone forwarding services. Hit the link below to begin.