Top Mailbox Providers In The World

Always on business trips and want to manage your mail more effectively? We've got you covered. Here are some of the world's top mailbox providers.

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Managing your mail can be a nightmare if you’re someone who doesn’t want to get stuck in a single location. If you’re a busy entrepreneur who’s constantly on the go, you’d surely benefit from using the services of mailbox providers.

Companies that offer virtual mailbox services can certainly make your life much easier.  You can conveniently check and track everything remotely. Plus your mail and packages are kept secure while you’re away – unless you instruct them to forward it to your present location.

Allow us to share 50 of the top mailbox providers across the world. Read on and visit their sites for additional information.   

Amalie6 (Denmark)

First off, we have Amalie6. This coworking space located in Copenhagen also doubles as a mailbox provider. Those who subscribe to the service can use Amalie6’s street address for their calling cards, websites, and even for business registration.

According to Amalie6’s official site, customer posts “will be opened, scanned and sent to you via email on a weekly basis.”

Apelia Mailboxes (Cyprus)

Next, Apelia Mailboxes offers interested customers virtual mailbox services in Cyprus. “We provide you with a physical location in Cyprus, where your mail is received on your behalf,” their site says. Mail and packages are kept secure within their facilities. Users, on the other hand, get to access their mailboxes online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ascendris Business Centre (United Arab Emirates)

UAE-based Ascendris Business Centre is a business solutions specialist that also offers mailbox services.

With that, customers are allowed to use the Ascendris address on their business materials including calling cards, letterheads, and even promotional items. Also, their staff members will “send, receive and redirect your correspondence according to your instructions.

Asia Address (Thailand)

Located in Bangkok, Asia Address offers their virtual mailbox services to:

  • foreign companies
  • startup owners
  • law firms
  • individuals
  • others

The virtual address provider guarantees “fast and secure mail forwarding & mail scanning.” They scan your mail and forward to your email or via a courier, depending on your request.

Atlas Consulting (Greece)

Meanwhile, Greece has Atlas Consulting, a company that offers business solutions for companies of all sizes. Their virtual office services include mail management. You can have your letters and parcel delivered to their location as you use their address.

Axel Office (Slovakia)

Slovakian company Axel Office helps protect their customers’ privacy by allowing them to use their address services. In addition, they provide mail handling including receiving, scanning, and forwarding mails and packages, according to the client’s requirements.

Brevboxar (Sweden)

Based in Stockholm, Brevboxar is a mailbox provider that offers:

  • mail scanning
  • mail forwarding

The company has been providing reliable services since 1995. With their help, you can “manage your mail with any mobile device or computer wherever you are located.”

Bulvio Bulgaria Virtual Offices (Bulgaria)

Up next, Bulvio Bulgaria Virtual Offices provides entrepreneurs and startup owners with virtual office services. Customers get to establish their businesses from scratch using a legitimate business address at “a prime location.” Likewise, customers can take advantage of mail handling services for their mailbox needs.

Business Center (Austria)

Business Center is “more than just a postbox in Austria.” They offer virtual offices at the 19th district, which is a business hub in Vienna. In addition to their business address, they also offer postal services for their clients.

Cambodian Impress (Cambodia)

Another virtual office provider, Cambodian Impress makes a great choice for companies hoping to expand in the country. Their mailbox services are also top notch.

“We provide the domestic address in Cambodia where you can receive postal items addressed to your company,” their site reads.

You receive email notifications whenever they receive letters and packages. “We keep your postage until you come to pick it up, or transfer it to your desired address for a fee,” the provider likewise adds.

Cape Town Office (South Africa)

Cape Town Office is one of South Africa’s most reliable coworking spaces. In fact, it was named by Forbes as one of the world’s 10 best coworking spaces in 2016.

On top of that, they provide mailbox services, too. For a fee, they can “have your mail and parcels sent to the office, safely and securely.”

Cekindo (Vietnam)

Cekindo makes it easy for business owners to establish their presence “in a prestigious address in Ho Chi Minh City.” Furthermore, they provide “a proper mailbox where people can reach you via post.”

The said mailbox can be used for receiving, sending, and redirecting letters and packages.

Citibox (Netherlands)

Established in the 90s, Amsterdam-based virtual office provider Citibox offers “a wide range of services for business or personal clients.” This includes “a selection of addresses in the Netherlands.”

Upon request, your mail will be forwarded “weekly, bi-weekly or monthly,” their site says.

Company in Estonia OÜ (Estonia)

Company in Estonia OÜ helps companies in their formation and development. They have virtual office services.  All clients receive information about incoming mail. Accordingly, all posts are “scanned and sent to the client’s email address.”

CosmoHub (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

A Saravejo-based coworking company, CosmoHub is also a virtual office and mailbox provider.

Information on their website tells us:

“Depending on the package you choose, you will get the address for your company, mailing service, envelope scanning, etc. This is the perfect option for startups and remote teams, which don’t require working space.”

Executive Centre (Sri Lanka)

With the Executive Centre’s virtual office plans, you can “establish your business from anywhere in the world.”

Among their business address features include virtual mail handling services. You receive notifications whenever they receive incoming mail & parcels for your business. You can then “select services and leave instructions to scan, forward, or collect your mail.”

Expost (Ireland)

With Expost, you get to use a legit Dublin address that you can use “without question” for your correspondence with:

  •  banks
  • credit card companies
  • insurance companies
  • utility providers
  • passport office
  • others

Meanwhile, “letters,  packets and parcels are delivered to your chosen Mail Centre,” the company website says. All posts and packages are then sorted, stored, scanned, or forwarded, depending on the customer’s instructions.

FirmaX (Hungary)

FirmaX is a Hungary-based company that offers office and address services for their clients. They receive, sort, and forward letters and packages for their customers.

Their website also reads:

“Our primary goal is cost efficiency and therefore we bill our services on a ‘pay as you use basis’. FirmaX offers various registered office and virtual office services that fulfill all client needs and expectations.”

French Office (France)

Established in 2005, the French Office describes itself as a “one stop solution” for business services in France. They likewise provide mail handling services, ensuring “a fast and efficient virtual mailbox to manage all the tasks done for your account.” (Lithuania) makes it possible for customers to get addresses “in any major Lithuanian city or smaller towns and villages.” The said address can be used for company formation or as a fixed address as they move to a different location.

HotSnail (Australia)

Like the other services, HotSnail allows you to receive your snail mail “anywhere in the world.”

They offer mail redirection and forwarding. In addition, HotSnail will scan and digitize important letters, according to your request.

With their services, you can “access your mail just like email.”

Idea Lab (Jamaica)

Idea Lab is known as Jamaica’s business incubator. Their goal is to “provide a holistic set of services to support startups and small businesses looking for growth.” They offer dedicated offices and meeting rooms, along with amenities such as business address and virtual mailbox.

Idea Lab will definitely help you out in terms of mail management as you use their services.

Kickstart Coworking Space (Pakistan)

Meanwhile in Pakistan, Kickstart Coworking Space offers professional addresses for  business registration and more.

“We also handle mail for our customers and provide a unique Rider Service as well,” they add. “As part of our rider service, you can get your business-related chores (cheque deposits, cash collections, etc) done by our reliable riders.”

KMC Solutions (Philippines)

Need a Philippines-based virtual address? KMC Solutions has you covered. They have several office address options located around Metro Manila, Cebu, and Clark. Their Gold and Platinum packages let you avail of mail handling, including local & international mail forwarding.

Mail Boxes Etc (Finland)

In Finland, Mail Boxes Etc is the resource to tap if you’re looking for an excellent mailbox provider. They receive parcels and documents from different couriers. MBE makes sure that you won’t miss any important letter or parcel while you’re away.  “There is always someone there to sign for your packages,” said the website. “(All) your items are stored securely.”

MailMate (Japan)

Japan’s MailMate can simplify your mail management process. The company explains its services this way:

“We receive it. Scan it. Translate it. Store it. Then, you can read it from anywhere in the world.”

Yes, you read that right. They can also help you overcome the language barrier by translating letters and documents for you.

Mi Punto De Compra (Colombia)

Mi Punto De Compra is definitely one of the top mailbox providers in Colombia. According to their website, creating a virtual mailbox account with them is completely free. Moreover, they assure quick shipping for local and international mail and parcels. Plus, they charge reasonable rates for their services. (Germany)

MyGermany is one of Germany’s top international shipping and forwarding specialists. The company does parcel checks, repacking, consolidation, drop shipping, and more.

Want to do some online shopping on German websites? You can also use the warehouse address provided by the company and they’ll forward you everything upon your request.

MyPoste by PlusConcept (Singapore)

MyPoste by PlusConcept is tagged as “Singapore prime mailing address service meets smooth remote digital postal mail management.”

The company has been serving clients since 2012. So far, they have a 4.8 star rating on Google. One customer wrote that the service “has been a lifesaver as I have been moving home a few times and needed a stable virtual address.”

My Swiss Mail Address (Switzerland)

As you can tell by its name, My Swiss Mail Address is a Switzerland-based mailbox provider. They handle:

  • mail forwarding
  • mass mailing
  • scan services

“We guarantee reliability, confidentiality, and punctuality,” they promise.

Office Hof (Belgium)

Office Hof virtual office offers customers with legal company address in Brussels, Belgium. Included in the package are mail and parcel management. Letters will be scanned and redirected to the customer’s inbox on a regular basis.

Panamail (Panama)

Since 2006, Panamail has been serving customers in Panama by providing them with quality virtual office service. Entrepreneurs get a World Trade Center address for their business. They also do:

  • courier deliveries
  • scanning and mail forwarding by email
  • mail hold and pick up
  • shared Panama phone number with voicemail (standard message)

Panamail is located in the country’s capital Panama City.

Parcel Forwarding Poland (Poland)

Parcel Forwarding Poland is a forwarding address provider that’s ready to help you “with anything related to Poland.”

“Thanks to our service you’ll get your own Polish shipping address,” their website tells us. The same address can also be good for shopping online from Polish and European e-stores.

The company has been around since 2009.

ParcelHub (Malaysia)

ParcelHub’s VMS (or Virtual Mailbox System) allows customers to store their mail and parcels at the company’s outlets. Users can create an account with them and choose a nearby location.

According to the mailbox provider, they aim to improve “the parcel senders’ experiences” by connecting them “with our quality partners’ networks.”

Private Box (New Zealand)

Established in 2005, Private Box markets itself as New Zealand’s #1 address provider. Their headquarters is located in the NZ capital Wellington.

According to the company, their goal is to give customers “the freedom to live and do business anywhere.”

“We focus on getting your mail to you, quickly and securely,” their website assures clients.

ServCorp (Qatar)

ServCorp specializes in workspace solutions. Furthermore, they also function as a mailbox provider.

In fact, their premium address and mail forwarding package are “designed to provide flexible options for mobile operations.” They make sure that clients’ letters and packages “get where they need to be no matter which state, territory or continent you may be traveling through.”

Sourcing Italy (Italy)

Sourcing Italy offers mail redirection and virtual office services in the country. According to them, they have “the most competitive and versatile options” when it comes to your mailbox provider needs.

Their services are ideal for clients who need assistance in receiving and forwarding mail and parcels. Furthermore, they can also be perfect for Italy-based online sellers who want to have a smooth “return and refunds” process.

SpainBox (Spain)

Based in Cordoba City, mailbox provider SpainBox is passionate about helping companies “improve their logistics and international transport.” Among other services, they offer:

  • international shipping services
  • eBay and Amazon returns, collection, receipt, consolidation, inspection, expert returns analysis
  • mail and parcel forwarding and consolidation
  • online shipment management

The Farm SoHo NYC (United States)

mailbox provider

One of the pioneers of the New York City coworking industry, The Farm SoHo also has virtual mailbox packages.

Included in their services are:

  •  24/7 mail pick up
  • letter & package storage
  • receive, open & scan all mail
  • expedited & international forwarding
  • mail management via app

They even offer other perks such as:

  • 1 free day coworking pass
  • 20% discount on conference rooms
  • 25% discount on event spaces

Tiptrans (Hong Kong)

Tiptrans originally began in China way back 2012. Today, TipTrans Limited is now located in Hong Kong, plus they have offices in China, Czech Republic, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

The company specializes in “parcel forwarding, virtual address, consolidation, shipping, assisted purchases, supplier sourcing, and more.”

UK Post Box (United Kingdom)

mailbox provider

UK Post Box boasts “market-leading mail management software” for their mailbox service. Their official website also reads:

“When new items arrive we scan the envelope or label, and you’ll receive a notification. Login from any device and choose what happens next; have your post scanned, forwarded unopened, stored or shredded – you decide.”

Valsen Fiduciaries (Marshall Islands)

Valsen Fiduciaries is an “independent global corporate service provider” that also functions as a mailbox provider. They provide:

  • street and suite address in Marshall Islands
  • mail forwarding

“Handling costs and charges are applicable,” the site said, “depending on the method of forwarding chosen and the volume of correspondence.”

Virtual Mailbox (India)

Branded as the first virtual mailbox service in India, the aptly-named Virtual Mailbox promises to make their clients’ lives easier. They do this by providing a “simple, secure and easy to use system” for your mail management needs – regardless of your location.

As their website guarantees:

“Whether you travel a lot or stay overseas, your virtual mailbox will go with you anywhere and everywhere.”

Virtual-Office 24 (Chile)

mailbox provider

Located in Santiago de Chile, Virtual-Office 24 offers rentable offices and meeting rooms. Furthermore, they also have postal services for interested customers.

Your mail will be “digitized, placed in the Post IN Box, and can be retrieved at any time.” Otherwise, you may request that they consolidate and forward the mail to your location.

Virtual Office Bahrain (Bahrain)

Virtual Office Bahrain likewise offers virtual addresses for their customers.

This means home-based or web-based business owners in Bahrain can protect their privacy by using the provider’s street address instead. As such, the company receives and sorts mail on behalf of their clients.

Mail can be forwarded to the customer’s location daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on their personal preference.

Virtual Office Belize (Belize)

Virtual Office Belize gives your business a Belize address “regardless of where you are in the world.” All your mail gets forwarded to you on a timely basis. Additionally, your company “will have your own inbound Belize number.” All calls will be professionally answered on your behalf.

Virtual Office Norway (Norway)

mailbox provider

Virtual Office Norway offers various business services including:

  • accounting
  • company setup
  • directorship
  • secretarial services
  • payroll
  • virtual address

With their virtual office service, you get a local Oslo address for your business.

Virtual Office Seoul (South Korea)

Want to get a business address in Seoul? Virtual Office Seoul makes that easy and possible for you, “regardless of where you are in the world.”

Additionally, their mail forwarding service receives and signs letters and packages on your behalf. They will then forward everything to your private address, according to your instructions.

WorkSpace (Zimbabwe)

Zimbabwe’s WorkSpace “provides a professional image for your business while supporting your flexibility to work from anywhere.”

Their virtual office offerings include:

  • phone answering and message taking
  • use of physical and postal address
  • mail and package receiving, storing, and forwarding

Your Canadian Address (Canada)

mailbox provider

Finally, we have Your Canadian Address. This company is the go-to service for many business owners in Canada since launching in 2011. 

This mailbox provider offers clients an affordable mail and package forwarding to “anywhere in the world.” They also consolidate letters and parcels to help people save further.

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