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Renewal & Revival

Does your company fall into a status other than good standing? Get started to return your company back into a good standing status!

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When a company has failed to pay their taxes or maintain a Registered Agent, the company may fall into a status other than good standing, losing its right to transact business.

To return your entity back into a good standing status, a Certificate of Renewal and Revival must be filed and all outstanding taxes and filing fees must be paid.

Step-By-Step Guide

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Payment of due taxes

All outstanding taxes and penalties must be paid before filing for revival.

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Provide us with the signed revival charter

A revival charter must be filled out and signed by the company’s authorized signer.

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Filing of the documents

We file the revival charter with the State of Delaware Division of Corporations. Once completed, you will be notified and receive the filed Certificate of Revival.

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$ 450

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$ 700

Expedited Filing (24 hours)



$ 850

Expedited Filing (same day)

Exclusive Solutions

Need a certified copy of the Certificate of Revival?

If you are in need of additional copies of Certificate of Revival from the State, we can help you getting certified copies.

We provide comprehensive services from compliance, filing, business set up, mailbox, bookkeeping, tax filing and more.