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Have a professional business address for your company in Delaware!

Why have an Office Business Address

(1) Credibility

Certain people or institutions may be discouraged if the company they are in contact with only has a P.O. box, instead of a proper business address. You can build trust and crebility by having an business address.

(2) Professionalism

If you are a home-based business, it can be difficult to portray a  professional image, no matter how professional your business may be. A business address can provide that for.

Benefits Of Our Office Business Address

Base For Your Business
Every business needs a base to expand. Have yours!
Official Documentation
You can use the lease on official documentation, i.e. your bank account, amazon, etc.
1 Year Lease
Reliable, easy, fast-leasing transaction.

Pricing built for businesses of all sizes.

Always know what you’ll pay.



$ 250/month



$ 2750/yearly

Exclusive Solutions

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We provide comprehensive services from compliance, filing, business set up, mailbox, bookkeeping, tax filing and more.