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Foreign Qualification

Is your company planning to conduct business in a state that is not the company’s state of incorporatiton? Then, you may need to apply for foreign qualification.

Do not be mistaken! “Foreign qualification” does not mean being qualified to conduct business abroad.

In the U.S., an entity that seeks to conduct business outside of its state of formation is considered “foreign”. States may require “foreign qualifications” from the “foreign” entities before transacting any business.

In short, if you wish to register your business (foreign qualification) in a state in which your business is considered to be “alien”, you need to file for a Certificate of Authority.

What constitutes transacting business varies by state, yet it often includes hiring employees or opening an office. If you think you need legal advice on your specific situation, please seek the counsel of an attorney.

Failure to comply with such registration can result in hefty fines and back taxes. The company without proper registration could also lose access to that state’s court system.

Step-By-Step Guide

01 1
Provide us with the necessary information

Fill out the form and complete the payment.

01 2
Obtain required certificates from the state of formation

Our experts will compile, and if necessary, send the relevant documents for the authorized person's signature.

01 3
Filing the documents

We file the necessary documents with the State of Delaware Division of Corporations. Once completed, you will be notified and receive the Certificate of Authority.

Pricing built for businesses of all sizes.

Always know what you’ll pay.



$ 645

Regular Filing



$ 745

Expedited Filing (24 hours)



$ 845

Expedited Filing (same day)

Other States



$ 550

Regular Filing



$ 530

Regular Filing


New York

$ 774

Regular Filing


New Jersey

$ 575

Regular Filing



$ 1.150

Regular Filing


Other states

Exclusive Solutions

Need a certified copy of the Certificate of Authority?

If you are in need of additional copies of the Certificate of Authority from the State, we can help you get your certified copies.

We provide comprehensive services from compliance, filing, business set up, mailbox, bookkeeping, tax filing and more.


• States usually require a Certificate of Existence/Certificate of Good Standing, often dated within six months prior to the filing (subject to change according to the state you are applying for), from the foreign company’s jurisdiction of incorporation to be submitted.

Please note that the company must be in a good standing with the state of incorporation. If not, we will contact you as soon as possible to resolve the situation.