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Certified Copy Request

Are you in need of a certified copy of a company document?

Certified Copy is a copy of a company document which includes an endorsement with an accompanying certificate or Seal of the Delaware Secretary of State, stating the document in question is a true copy. In short, when the Delaware Secretary of State issues a Certified Copy, this means that the Certified Copy is a true, accurate and valid copy of the DE Corporate Document that the Secretary of State has on file. On the other hand, Plain Copy is simply a photocopy of the document, bearing no endorsements, stamps or seals. Most institutions require Certified Copies, instead of Plain Copies when processing official matters.

You might need certified copies when:

• Applying for loans
• Tax filings
• Applying for Foreign Business Qualification
• Replacing the original documents
• Providing legal proof for the existence of the business

You may request a Certified Copy of the following documents (but not limited to):
• Certificate of Incorporation (Corporations)
• Certificate of Formation (LLCs)
• Certificate of Amendment
• Certificate of Authority
• Certificate of Dissolution
• Certificate of Cancellation
• Certificate of Conversion
• Certificate of Merger

Features Of A Certified Copy

Fast & Reliable
Have your certified copy as quick as possible.
Let us know if you need certified copies to be shipped to you or someone else.
Be Prepared & Save Time
Be prepared beforehand and have your certified copies ready for business purposes.

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Exclusive Solutions

Need your certified copy with apostille certificate?

If you are going to use a certified copy outside of the U.S., you will surely need an apostille certificate. Contact us now if you need one!

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