Apostille Via A Registered Agent: Why It Makes Sense

Getting an apostille via a registered agent makes the most sense. It’s by far the easiest way to get your public documents ready for international use.

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What is an apostille? Why is it important? Should you get an apostille via a registered agent? We’ll answer all these questions and more as we dig deeper into the subject:

What is an apostille and why do I need it?

To begin with, let us first define what an apostille is and when it is necessary.

An apostille is an official government-issued certificate that validates a public document. With an apostille, a public document is considered as legally valid in another country as in the country where it was originally issued.

The US Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs explains it this way:

“Apostilles authenticate the seals and signatures of officials on public documents… so the document can be recognized in foreign countries.”

apostille via a registered agent
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To clarify, apostilles do not guarantee the accuracy of all the information contained in a document. Although it can confirm that a document is on file from a given country, its main objective is to simplify the validation process between two countries.

Here are some examples of when an apostille is necessary:

  • Adopting children
  • Applying for a job
  • Forming a company in another country
  • Opening an international bank account

Generally, apostilles are part of the requirement as you submit other public documents. Again, the purpose is to authenticate a document. They are different from a notary.

Below are some personal, corporate, and court documents that require an apostille:  

  • Adoption certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate of Formation
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Company bylaws
  • Death certificate
  • Driver’s license
  • Marriage license
  • Power of Attorney
  • School transcript
  • Trademark

In such cases, you will need to request an apostille from the appropriate government office. Other than that, you can seek professional help and obtain an apostille via a registered agent.

Countries that recognize apostille documents

Apostilles are only used in countries that participate in the Hague Convention Treaty of 1961, which is also known as the Apostille Treaty.

According to the official HCCH website, there are currently 91 signatory members (90 states and 1 Regional Economic Integration Organization).

Participant countries in the said treaty honor apostilles from fellow members.

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Meanwhile, non-signatory countries have a different process for authenticating public documents. Compared with obtaining an apostille via a registered agent or by yourself, the authentication process can be more complicated.

Case in point, a document may have to be certified by corresponding agencies from the country of origin and the recipient country. These certifications are often called “authentication certificates”, and determining which office issues such certificates can sometimes make the process difficult. In certain instances, you may have to seek certification from a county clerk, the Secretary of State or another government agency.

So, how do I get one?

While apostilles are recognized by all Hague Convention Treaty participants, fees and requirements may vary in each one.  

For example, corporations needing an apostille in the state of Delaware will have to pay a fee of $30.00 per document. Meanwhile, those needing an apostille in the state of Washington will have to pay a fee of $15 per document. On the other hand, New York charges a $10 fee per document.

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Your best bet is to do a quick online search. Information about apostilles are usually found in official state websites or in corresponding government agencies. Otherwise, you can hire a professional. Getting an apostille via a registered agent can be an option.

Yes, a registered agent can be a big help

You may be a busy individual or a traveling entrepreneur. Whatever the case, you will certainly benefit from registered agent services.

apostille via a registered agent
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As mentioned earlier, it is possible to obtain an apostille via a registered agent. Make sure you work with someone who specifically has the experience and knowledge about getting an apostille in your state and country. They can provide expert assistance and guidance about the necessary requirements. As a result, you can obtain the required document in no time – and with less hassle on your end.

You can then proceed with processing your documents for your personal or corporate purposes.

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