The 15 Best Virtual Mailbox Providers Across The World

Startup entrepreneur? Digital nomad? A virtual mailbox provides a business address, mail sorting and timely delivery. Here are 15 top providers worldwide:

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In this digital age, getting a virtual mailbox subscription definitely makes perfect sense. In fact, there are many valid reasons why this service is highly recommended for digital nomads, location-independent entrepreneurs, or frequent travelers.

Case in point, a virtual mailbox can afford you a credible, professional image. As a startup owner, for example, a virtual mailbox gives you a legitimate business address for correspondence purposes. You won’t have to use your home address, which also helps you protect your privacy.

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Additionally, a virtual mailbox is way more flexible than a regular PO Box. Besides, the service goes beyond storing your letters and packages. You can decide which ones can be opened, scanned, and forwarded to you in digital format. This gives you the chance to take necessary action sooner. 

Upon request, you can choose to have an important parcel forwarded to your current location, wherever you are. You can also issue instructions to have selected mail destroyed.

To summarize, a virtual mailbox is your convenient, practical and cost-effective mail management solution while you’re on the go.

The best virtual mailbox providers from across the world

Without further ado, allow us to share with you some of the best virtual mailbox providers from all around the globe…

Amalie6 coworking & virtual mailbox (Denmark)

First, we have Amalie6, a coworking space based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company also offers virtual mailbox services for their customers. So if you want a Copenhagen street address for, say, your startup business, they can do that for you.

According to their website, your physical mail canl be “opened, scanned and sent to you via email on a weekly basis.” This allows you to receive important documents and letters in a timely fashion. No more missed correspondence while you’re on vacation or a business trip!

Address: Amaliegade 6, 2. tv., DK-1256 Copenhagen, Denmark
Phone: +45 6680 6060

Asia Address virtual mailbox (Thailand)

Asia Address is a Bangkok-based virtual office provider that likewise offers “fast and secure mail forwarding & mail scanning.”

As a client, you can decide to have your mail scanned and emailed to you. Or you may also ask them to forward everything to your address. You may even choose to pick up your mail if you’re near their office.

Clients get a street address they can use as a virtual mailbox. Asia Address “prides itself with the fact that we like to keep things simple.”

Address: Omni Tower, Suite 69/12, Sukhumvit Soi 4 (Soi Nanatai), Klongtoey, Bangkok, 10110, Thailand
Phone: +66 98 319 7550

B2baltics virtual office and virtual mailbox (Estonia)

Next, B2baltics Consulting is an Estonia-based virtual office provider helping e-residents establish their private limited companies. Customers get a legal address in Tallinn, which is a legal requirement when conducting business in the country.

A quick glance at their website likewise tells us that B2baltics offers mail forwarding services. We further read:

“In connection with your company’s legal address, we will check your mail every day and retain it for you. It is possible to have your mail scanned in and forwarded on a daily basis.”

You’ll surely benefit, especially if you’re someone who regularly receives a lot of physical mail and/or parcels.

In short, B2baltics truly deserves to be on this list of the world’s best virtual mailbox providers.

Address: Sakala 7-2, EE10141 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 670 6700

Cape Town Office coworking and virtual mailbox (South Africa)

With a 5-star rating on Google, Cape Town Office is undeniably one of South Africa’s most trusted coworking spaces. Fact is, the company even made it to the Forbes list of the ‘10 Best Coworking Spaces On Earth’.  

Furthermore, Cape Town Office offers mailbox services as well. With their assistance, you can “have your mail and parcels sent to the office, safely and securely.”

For any inquiries, feel free to contact them on the details provided below.

Address: 62 Roeland St, 2nd/3rd floor, Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: +27 71 762 0960

French Office incorporation and virtual mailbox (France)

Meanwhile, French Office markets itself as a “one stop solution” for businesses in France. They assist entrepreneurs with everything “from setting up your company and providing a registered address, to handling your mail and parcels.” 

In terms of mail management, the French Office offers “mail receiving, storage, scanning, and forwarding.” Upon your instructions, staff members may proceed to shred unwanted mail.

French Office also allows mail storage “for months at a time,” depending on the client’s preference. In any case, mail can be forwarded in bulk in order to help customers significantly save on shipping expenses. “You can receive mail all over the world and choose to ship it with major international carriers,” their site also says.

Multiple plans are available, so be sure to ask around to know which one fits your needs and budget.

Address: 350 Chemin du Pré Neuf, 38350 La Mure d’Isère, France
Phone: +33 (0) 4 58 00 50 81

Idea Lab coworking and virtual mailbox (Jamaica)

Idea Lab is a business incubator based in Jamaica. This company aims to “facilitate the growth of a small business” by providing coworking spaces, meeting rooms, and long-term office rental spaces. In short, they help startups take their game to the next level while saving on expenses.

What’s more, Idea Lab also offers much-needed digital support services including virtual mailboxes. They’ll gladly aid you in managing your mail when you sign up with them.

Address: 4A Sylvan Avenue, Kingston 5, Jamaica
Phone: +1 876-616-8756

KMC Solutions virtual mailbox (Philippines)

KMC Solutions claims to be the “largest Philippines-based flexible office solutions provider in the country.”

What’s more, they also have virtual office address packages for interested clients. As a matter of fact, they offer six addresses within the Philippines, such as BGC, Makati, Ortigas, Mandaluyong, Clark, and Cebu.

“Start your business with a virtual office address in the Philippines,” their website invites. “And expand to a physical office space when your business is ready.”

Address: 25th floor Picadilly Star Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines
Phone: +63 917 825 9948

Mi Punto De Compra parcel storage and virtual mailbox (Colombia)

Up next, Mi Punto De Compra literally translates as “My Point of Purchase.” This is a logistics company that offers “virtual locker service” for internet purchases and shipments. Apparently, the company has an office in Colombia and two warehouses in China and Florida.

In many ways, the brand is “your ally for all your purchases in the USA and China and for your logistics needs in Colombia.”

Their virtual mailbox services include virtual lockers, package and document shipment, international shipping, and more. You can save on shipping expenses when you ask for your mail and parcels to be consolidated.  

Address: Cra 66 #32b 75 int 102, Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
Phone: +57 350 3100186

mygermany international shipping and forwarding (Germany)

Since its start in 2012, mygermany has been providing customers with international shipping and forwarding services.

Customers get a German address – which is actually the company’s Weimar warehouse – where they “receive, check, photograph, store, shrink, consolidate, secure and repack your items.” Moreover, you can use the same address for online shopping. As their website puts it, this allows you to “purchase any product from German online shops regardless of where you are in the world.”

You can look forward to getting important parcels delivered on your doorstep soon, wherever your current location may be.

Address: Nordstrasse 5, 99427 Weimar, Germany
Phone: +49 03643 7762220

MyPoste by PlusConcept virtual mailbox (Singapore)

MyPoste by PlusConcept is Singapore’s “smart virtual address.” The company guarantees efficient handling of their clients’ physical mail needs such as providing digital addresses for business or personal purposes. “Items will be received and stored securely,” their website says. Customers will also be given instant notifications and image scans of all their mail.

Summing up, MyPoste by PlusConcept is your “reliable mail management services since 2012.”

Address: 12 Purvis St, Singapore, Singapore
Phone: +65 6920 7110

Private Box virtual office and virtual mailbox (New Zealand)

Known as the #1 address provider of New Zealand, Private Box is a mail forwarding company established way back in 2005. As the company promises clients, their focus is on “getting your mail to you, quickly and securely. Users can go online as they manage their physical mail through their virtual mailbox.  

What’s more, clients can also obtain a legal business address in New Zealand through their services. Private Box even has professional virtual receptionists who can take calls on behalf of your company.

Address: Level 1/6 Johnsonville Road, Johnsonville, Wellington, New Zealand
Phone: +64 4-831 1333

Tiptrans virtual mailbox (Hong Kong)

Over the years, Tiptrans has been a trusted virtual mailbox management brand in both Asia and Europe. Their operations started in China back in 2012 and they have since expanded to Hong Kong, the Czech Republic, Germany, and the UK. Their services include “parcel forwarding, virtual address, consolidation, shipping, assisted purchases, supplier sourcing, and more.”

If you’re in Hong Kong and you need to sign up as a small business or for international shopping purposes, Tiptrans can be of help.

Besides, their site assures customers:

“We believe that providing quality service is the only way to build up a loyal and satisfied customer base.”

Address: 3/F, Off B, Si Toi Commercial Building, 62-63 Connaught Rd W, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
Phone: +852 9265 4202

TheFarmSoHo coworking & private office spaces, event venues, virtual mailbox (NYC, United States)

As with the other services, TheFarmSoHo lets you check your physical mail straight from your phone or laptop. This means you can get all your correspondence, whether you’re in or out of the country. You can securely manage it from anywhere, as long as you have access to the internet.

Every envelope will be scanned and sent to you online. You can then pick which ones should be opened, scanned, forwarded, shredded, returned, or kept on your behalf.

Address: 447 Broadway, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10013, United States
Phone: +(917) 722-5027

UK Post Box virtual mailbox (United Kingdom)

With UK Post Box, users can obtain a UK address for personal or business purposes. The brand describes itself as “a smarter post office.”

UK Post Box’s mail management service gives people full control on their letters and parcels. You automatically receive notification with each new mail you receive. You can then “have your post scanned, forwarded unopened, stored or shredded – you decide.”

Whether you’re in another country or in another part of the UK, you can count on receiving your mail without delay.

Without a doubt, UK Post Box is one of the best virtual mailbox providers out there.

Prices and plans are flexible so visit their website for more information. Better yet, go get in touch with them for your inquiries.

Address:  13 Freeland Park, Wareham Road, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, BH16 6FH, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 7543 770225

Your Canadian Address virtual mailbox (Canada)

Finally, we have Your Canadian Address. Since 2011, this company has been receiving and delivering mail and packages for their customers.

Their mail management service gives you a Canadian street address. Other than that, you can also expect to receive email notifications when you receive packages. Plus they even do package consolidation, export documentation, junk mail throwaway, and Amazon returns for businesses.

“This forwarding service is second to none,” one reviewer wrote on Google. The customer also added:

“I have used Canadian Address several times and each time they have been so professional and my package arrives safely to my address.”   

Address:  330 Avro Ave, Pointe-Claire, H9R 5W9, Quebec, Canada
Phone: +1 514 600 1644

Final thoughts

Needless to say, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are, of course, many other companies that deserve to be on this list of the best virtual mailbox providers.

In case we haven’t covered your location, we’re sure there are good companies that offer similar services in your area or country. Just make it a point to do some research to learn more about their packages. Also, don’t forget to check out reviews to see what past customers have to say about companies you’re interested in.

As a startup owner or a digital nomad, you can benefit a lot from virtual mailbox services. You get full control of your mail regardless of your location. So whether you’re traveling for a business trip or a holiday with the family, you can receive all important physical mail and parcels without any stress.

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